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    Automating Gatsby Post Creation

    I'm a lazy programmer. I love building stuff, but I hate repeating myself. Anytime I start a new article for this site, I do the following: navigate to my site's directory in terminal open up VS Code create a new file set the title set the slug set the date set its published flag to false By no… Read

    🎉 Announcing Gatsby Post Manager

    I use Gatsby for blogging and like to write a bunch of articles at once so I can release them over time. But, since I use flat files instead of a CMS, keeping track of my articles and their status (published, pending, unpublished) can get tricky - especially as the number of them grows. So I built a… Read

    My Favorite Visual Studio Code Extensions

    I've been using Visual Studio Code for over 3 years, and in that time I've used many different extensions. In this article I want to talk about some of my favorite ones, and how they make my life easier. Turbo Console Log console.log is a JavaScript developer's best friend. You don't need to… Read