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Simplify Your Redux Reducers with Immer

The Problem I was using Redux for a project and saw that my reducers were getting kind of gnarly. The code seemed to grow exponentially whenever I needed to work with nested data. This was due to Redux's insistence on using immutable data. I'm a big fan of using immutable data, but it's definitely… Read

My Favorite VS Code Extensions

I've been using Visual Studio Code for over 3 years, and in that time I've used many different extensions. In this article I want to talk about some of my favorite ones, and how they make my life easier. Turbo Console Log console.log is a JavaScript developer's best friend. You don't need to… Read

Singularize, Pluralize and Ordinalize Words in JavaScript

Follow along as I finally remember the word "inflection"! Read

Manage local state in React using GraphQL and Apollo Client

Using environment specific settings in a Django project

When you start a new Django project using the django-admin startproject helper, it automatically generates a module for you. This is great when you want to start developing quickly, but you'll want to change this as soon as you're ready to deploy to a production server. Ideally you… Read