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Done Is Better Than Perfect

How many side projects have you started, but never released? What about articles? Designs? Open source libraries? I have way more than I can count. They're collecting dust on external hard drives and in Github repos. Things that I got excited about, started, and never released. This is nothing new… Read

Publish Posts After a Date in Gatsby

I like writing articles ahead of time and only have them listed on my site based on whether the current date is greater than or equal to the article's date attribute. This means I get to write a bunch of content at once, but release it over time so there's a constant stream of new material on my… Read

Add Previous and Next Article Links in Gatsby

Yo! You might want to check out this article first on Managing Draft Articles in Gatsby . Lots of sites include "Previous Article" and "Next Article" buttons/links on the bottom of their articles. I wanted some, too! The Solution Updating the UI Let's start with the fun stuff first - updating the… Read

Automating Gatsby Post Creation

I'm a lazy programmer. I love building stuff, but I hate repeating myself. Anytime I start a new article for this site, I do the following: navigate to my site's directory in terminal open up VS Code create a new file set the title set the slug set the date set its published flag to false By no… Read

Add a Published Field to Your Gatsby Posts to Control Their Visibility

After converting this site to Gatsby, I quickly realized I needed a way to manage draft posts - pieces of writing I started, but for whatever reason weren't ready to be released publicly. Gatsby makes your posts public by default - as soon as you create that Markdown file and build your site, your… Read