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    Using environment specific settings in a Django project

    When you start a new Django project using the django-admin startproject helper, it automatically generates a module for you. This is great when you want to start developing quickly, but you'll want to change this as soon as you're ready to deploy to a production server. Ideally you… Read

    Python Comprehensions for PHP Developers

    When moving from PHP to Python, your experience with many of the basic language features and constructs are easily carried over. Sure, the syntax is different, but not radically so. Things like loop constructs, basic data structures and even OOP don't take long to feel familiar. One area where this… Read

    Publishing and Deploying for Pelican with Fabric

    I recently switched to Pelican to build this site. I'm very happy with everything it offers, but wanted to tweak how the site gets deployed to the remote server. This is where Fabric comes in. Fabric is a "library and command-line tool for streamlining the use of SSH for application deployment… Read