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Steven Mercatante

Gatsby Post Manager

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Gatsby Post Manager (gpm) is a command line tool that helps authors keep track of markdown based content and their status (published, pending, unpublished), and provides a way to bootstrap new articles.

I tend to write multiple articles in batches, but I don't necessarily want to publish them immediately. Traditional CMSs let you schedule when articles go live, but I don't have that capability since my Gatsby site uses flat files for content. Gatsby Post Manager lets me easily schedule when I should publish content.

Another pain point this tool solves is its ability to create new articles from a template. Used in combination with a custom automation workflow, this tool removes the repetitive and tedious steps I used to take whenever I started a new article.

Even though the project is called Gatsby Post Manager, it can be used in any workflow in which markdown content is authored.


Gatsby Post Manager was written in Node.js. It uses the great yargs package to define the actual CLI interface, and is installable as a global npm package.