Steven Mercatante

Steven Mercatante

🎉 Announcing Gatsby Post Manager

I use Gatsby for blogging and like to write a bunch of articles at once so I can release them over time. But, since I use flat files instead of a CMS, keeping track of my articles and their status (published, pending, unpublished) can get tricky - especially as the number of them grows. So I built a tool to help manage them.

🎉Introducing Gatsby Post Manager🎉

Gatsby Post Manager (gpm for short) is a command line tool written in Node.js that makes it easy to track how many posts you have, as well as their status. It's meant to be installed as a global package so you can use it for any of your Gatsby sites.

$ npm install -g gatsby-post-manager

Currently, it has two commands: posts and post-stats. The project's README shows more detailed usage, but the gist is...

You can show all posts:


Filter posts by a specific status:


Show a quick summary of post stats:


gpm works by finding all of your markdown (including MDX) posts, parsing their frontmatter and determining their status, before rendering data to your terminal. The concepts behind gpm are pretty simple, and should be applicable to other static site generators.

If you've ever found keeping track of your Gatsby posts tricky, I hope you'll give Gatsby Post Manager a try.